Bermuda Crystal Cave ~ Michael Runkel

Attraction to the Depths



We might even be some sort of stalactite-like extrusion. Something stretched or dripped; but instead of being pulled through our familiar ‘space-time’; This would be more like a plummet through ever decreasing degrees of ‘freedom’.

It stretches ‘down’ then, through constraints, laws and rules of possibility. like water being ‘transformed’ from an unconstrained gas, into a liquid and eventually to a tightly bound solid.

Instead of gas, liquid and solid though; The parts of this stalactite could be labelled spirit, mind and body.

Maybe it doesn’t stretch; but drops irresistibly, gravity like. Perhaps there is an attraction to the depths.

Like when we play a game and we temporarily detach ourselves from our greater freedoms and deign to be bound to the parameters of the game. Why do we do that? To have fun and test ourselves, to see what is possible, to push the rules to their limits and pit ourselves against others on a ‘level playing field’.

The interesting points on ‘the extrusion’ are where one phase-state transitions into another. Like when the freedom of water suddenly becomes the bound and constricted state of ice; but with this, it’s the freedom of the mind that suddenly becomes the bound and constricted state of the ‘body’.

These boundary points are where the magic happens, like the infinite fractal realms that spring into existence between the tensions of ‘yes and no’.

So, we are this stalactite and also a point of awareness on it.

Awareness can move throughout the ‘structure’, but seems to settle at the ‘centre of gravity’; The area we call ‘the mind’.

Of course, these are only names on a map. We can only hope they will be of use, but really, until we traverse the territory, there is no way of knowing!




Head in the clouds, but really quite practical. Fine art trained, but frequently seduced by the promise of science.