Double Vision

2 min readNov 5, 2021

We seem to have found ourselves in a world of dualities; It certainly appears like that anyway.

People of a more ‘new age’ persuasion have a simple solution. Why, just cease your dualistic ways of thinking and ‘hey presto’, The polarities suddenly come together, the lion sleeps with the lamb and the square is circled!

I get the impression that duality is built into the system, though.

That which was whole has been split asunder at ‘every point’. This is probably the mechanism by which ‘things’ have the opportunity to ‘happen’.

However, it all seems like a bit of a sleight of hand. This is not a cataclysmic cascade. ‘The whole’ still remains; It is not destroyed in the parting of the ways, because the splitting off happens in a lower dimension to the ‘whole’ that spawned it. The process becomes a kind of ‘dimensional flattening’.

So really there are three forces. The two, ‘obvious and visible’ polarities and the third force which belongs to a ‘higher order’; It is therefore a trinity at ‘every point’.

The third force, then, cannot readily be seen. It is of a different order, like how the ‘act of cutting’ might relate to the dual objects, knife and bread. It could be termed a ‘spiritualising force’.

This third force appears most peculiar, if we do manage to catch it’s flattened trace between it’s dual offspring. Just like the outline of some unfathomable object passing through the paper-thin ‘flatland’

It is a glimpse of the intricate and infinite fractal boundary, miraculously appearing right at the border-land of ‘yes and no’.

Travel goes in both directions. Away from the third force is the way of the creative current; A cascade and tumble from ‘creative will’ towards mechanistic process.

The reverse, is the path ‘against nature’; A unification of the opposites and beginnings of the ‘spiritual journey’.




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