Embedded Objects We Cannot See

The Hungry Tree — Dublin

The body, mind and soul are just handy ‘place names’ for locations on a continuum.

As with the electro-magnetic spectrum, different frequencies, present as entirely different things, with totally unique properties.

Dark, unknown ‘objects’ lie embedded, stretching throughout ‘this span’, like the mysterious outline of three dimensional shapes passing through two dimensional ‘flatland’.

In our body, such a ‘dark shape’ reveals itself as knots, tension and blockages. We do not properly feel them though, because they have become a part of us; we are used to these habitual positions, movements and constrictions of our bodies.

The same object, likewise pierces the mind, but now its unknown tendril-like knot presents itself as ‘habit and compulsion’. Recurring thoughts and themes that drive us onwards and in turn come to define us.

The resolution of the ‘shape’ has been enhanced, because it has gathered a degree of ‘psychic’ energy.

This ‘shadow object’ is projected into ever greater definition as the frequency increases. In the realm of ‘the soul’ the object reveals itself to be an actual personality. The numinous, lofty abode has imbued it with it’s own life of sorts.

It remains a dark, shadow object though, because it is unconscious. To shine a light on it is to loosen it’s hold. It is released back into the fold of ourselves. It takes its rightful place and joins our totality. With this we grow and undergo transformation.



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Head in the clouds, but really quite practical. Fine art trained, but frequently seduced by the promise of science. https://instagram.com/goat777etc