Jung — in under a minute

1 min readMay 5, 2019
Goya — Witches in flight (reproduction)

We are fragmented creatures

The being that we know and think of as ourself is only the ‘conscious mind’. This is a ‘small’ island in the vast sea of the unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind is not just a dusty storehouse of past thoughts and memories. It has its own intelligence. It is a being in itself.

This entity has been known and communicated with throughout man’s existence. The Greeks called it the Daimon.

It ‘speaks’ to us in a symbolic, visual and archetypical language, primarily through our dreams.

The conscious mind is a relatively recent development in man’s evolutionary journey. The ego; our sense of a separate self is an advance guard; an experimental forerunner. We are the dream of the Daimon.

Our small island of consciousness has a counterpart in the world of the Daimon. Jung called this mirror of our ego, ‘The Shadow’

‘The thing a person has no wish to be!’

This is the dweller on the threshold; The shadow made manifest.

All this is us. If we find no contact with the ‘other’, we remain an automaton. An empty vehicle without drive or creative force.




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